Wedding Kerstin & Franz

Our Wedding Pictures

Our Wedding

Well it took some time - OK, more like forever - but our pictures are finally up!

As you have noticed the text here is in English. We have many friends who would like to see this as they were not able to attend, but who don't speak German. You do of course know that we are both dreadfully lazy, so I'll just do this in English and get it up two month sooner than if we had to provide a translation. Most of you speek very good English anyway.

As it turns out we have a huge number of pictures, so we broke them down into individual sections and, in some cases, sub-sections. There are also thumbnails, so you won't have to look at a gazillion pictures of people you don't know anyway but go right for the ones that look promising to you. Still be prepared to spend some time browsing :-)

You can also leave comments in the gallery. To do that you'll have to log in. Sing-Up and Login are in the upper right corner of the galleries.

Many of the pictures are scans, especially those of the party, so they don't look their very best (remember the small throw away cameras). Sorry for that, but digitizing them all would have cost a fortune. We'll have the popular ones digitized for you if there is interest.

If you would like good quality copies of some of the pictures just let us know, we'll get them to you. The easiest way to do that is to check the "I want this picture" checkbox in the gallery (while being loged in of course). If you leave your email adress in the Sign-Up we'll even know who to send the pictures to. (If you wan't a paper copy we ca do that as well. Just send uns an email in that case.)

OK, now let's get started for real. The picture links to the left will take you to the major sections, which are:

  1. The "Standesamt" (registrars office):
    Only close family for that one, and not too many pictures, but it's part of the whole deal
  2. The church:
    That one you experienced. Good pictures, too, as we had a professional photographer.
  3. The reception:
    Please no complaints about the miniature beer, they were just a gag :-) You could have just have ordered a big one like everybody else.
  4. The city tour:
    We didn't get to do this - we had to make the official photos - but I heard it was great fun
  5. The oficial photos:
    Now that's where we wen't off to while you were hearing about Regensburgs more colorful history.
  6. The evening:
    This is the official catalog of all your misdeeds catalogued by yourselves in every embarrasing detail :-) We stole the idea of the disposable table cameras from Nicola's and Flavia's wedding, thank's again for the great idea guys.

By the way, if you guys liked the professinal pictures and are looking for a photographer consider hiring ours. She did great pictures, is really nice and offers a good price. Her name is Viktoria Mrosinsky (just call her Viktoria) and you can find her info at