Wedding Kerstin & Franz

Our Wedding Pictures

Church service

Here we have our church pictures, our photographer (Viktoria) made those, so they look really good.

You might notice that the curch was full to bursting, although we only had about 65 wedding guest - gave us quite a shock when we turned around after the ceremony. All those people were tourists who came to see the church and stayed for the show. (We thought about doing that every weekend and chargin an entrance fee - should be good business.)

The church had a brand new organ by the way, which was consecrated by the pope just 10 days before our wedding. This is another reason for all the tourists.

The guys singing were the Gentlemens choir 1860 Regensburg, where my uncle is a member. They were supposed to come with 4 or 5 people, instead they showed up with the full choir (about 20 people). They were really excited about being able to sing in the "Alte Kapelle" and I think everybody agrees that they did a magnificent job. Thanks again guys.

We broke down the photos into 4 segment:

  1. Before the church service
  2. During the service
  3. Congratulations after the service
  4. Outside the church after the service
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