Wedding Kerstin & Franz

Our Wedding Pictures

The party

This is the fun part: The party pictures.

Most of these were taken with the disposable camras we placed on your tables. They made surprisingly good pictures. There was quite some photographic talent among our guest. But see for yourself.

There were so many pictures from the evening that we took it on ourselves to put them in, of course completely arbitrary, categories. That way you'll have at least some chance to find a few photos of people you actually know. Of course we could only make individual sections for the largest groups of guests and where there were enough photos to fill them. That's why there is a "People-People-People" section.

Of course everybody will probably show up in every category, but hey, that's life - all mixed up. At least we tried to get the pictures sorted so the main persons in the frame fit the heading.

Let's get started these are the categories:

  1. The main vitims:
    That would be us of course
  2. Family:
    Pictures of people we have the good fortune to be related to (and who therefore share the, probably less fortunate, lot of being related to us).
  3. University:
    Friends from univesity - in Germany that would be.
  4. Trautz:
    Yes, those are the guys who sunk you in deep depression every time they took the dance floor. Don't worry they are competitive dances, you're not supposed to keep up.
  5. UCLA / ISA:
    Our friends from America, or should I say France as that's where they are living now.
  6. People-People-People:
    Pictures of individualists, who don't fit into any of the above drawers and of fraternization between our well segregated groups :-)
    Some of the best pics are here.
  7. Other stuff:
    Pics of things, pics that capture the athmosphere, pics that were left over when I ran out of patience when I was sorting everything into these categories here.

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